The dictatorship of “Health”

person holding red bok choy
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I have been thinking about this post for a really long time, the same time it has taken me to evolve into what I considered healthy.

At the beginning there was no red meat, just chicken, fish dairy and vegetables.

Then came vegetarianism and no meat, fish or seafood (eggs and dairy were allowed)

Then came veganism and away went any animal product.

And finally raw food, which removed not just anything that was from animal origin ( except for honey  and pollen)  but anything that was cooked or heated up beyond a certain temperature (about 45 degrees celsius).

This was my journey and my choices. But that was not the problem.

In the matter of us vs the rest of the world, when did we become so judgmental about what other people ate?

If we are vegan we look in horror and dismay at people eating eggs and wearing leather (again, that was my experience and I am not intending to criticize anyone).

If we are raw, the mere sight of stove with a bubbling stew gives us the chills.

We start restricing our social life and interactions with other human beings and make it all about the food we eat and the choices we make at that exact period of time.

After years of reading, comparing, believing and rejecting I have come to the conclusion that the idea of healthy has numerous interpretations, most of them correct and all of them completely different, depending on our needs and personal situation.

I eat fish, two or three times a week, eggs and small amounts of dairy. I have just quit coffee because I react badly to it whereas my friends can enjoy it without any issues.

This is my own personal health. Yours might be completely different.

Embrace who you are, what you do and what you choose to eat.

That is yours, and yours only to decide.

And that, it is completely fine.

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